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Cynthia Ashby
Claire Ashley
Caroline Bergvall
Mary Walling Blackburn
Cupola Bobber
Justin Cabrillos
Lucy Cash
Karen Christopher
Angela Ellsworth
Every House Has a Door
Alan and Michael Fleming
Goat Island
Ann Hamilton
Claudia Hart
Ian Hatcher
Vlatka Horvat
Kirsten Lavers
Rona Lee
Judith Leemann
Judd Morrissey
Kira O'Reilly
Marissa Perel
La Pocha Nostra
La Ribot
Ellen Rothenberg
Jennifer Scappettone
Sara Schnadt
John W Sisson Jr
Lori Talley
Litó Walkey
Danièle Wilmouth
Anne Wilson
Fiona Wright


Body Data Space
Colchester Arts Centre
Catwalk Art Residency
Dance 4
Jo Mardell / Nightjar
Firstsite Contemporary Art Colchester
Hyde Park Art Center
Links Hall
Live Art Development Agency
Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
New Moves International
Roger Brown Study Collection
Randolf Street Gallery Archive
Video Data Bank

Abandoned Practices
SAIC Performance

For more information about my art practice, collaboration, scheduling artist lectures or workshops, and curatorial inquiries please write to:


Mark Jeffery
2518 W Iowa Street
Chicago, IL 60622 USA

Please visit the MILK RECORDING BOOK for news about recent and upcoming projects, research documentation and other writing.








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