MARK JEFFERY                                                                             COLLABORATION



     Memento Mori (2012 onward)

labors     The Labours/Labors (2011)

heiswerking     heiswerking (2011)

The Precession     The Precession (2010-2011)

The Living Newspaper     The Living Newspaper (2010)

Lasting # 2: A Shoeflower     Lasting # 2: A Shoeflower (2007)

Circulation Room     Circulation Room (2006)

Anteroom: A Site-Sensitive Performance Installation     Anteroom (2005)

AnyNumber: Noplace     AnyNumber: NoPlace (2005)

The Mooring of Richard AnyNumber     The Mooring of Richard AnyNumber (2005)

In a Cloak of Shame He Will Carry Six Bodies Inside of Me     In a Cloak of Shame He Will Carry Six Bodies... (2004)


Judd Morrissey and Mark Jeffery are a collaboration merging digital literary practices and performance (2003 - ). The work, which is visual, textual and choreographic, evolves through context-specific research and practice and always considers the constraints of a given venue or occasion. Site- responsive considerations include the performance/exhibition/ production space as well as the local community and [online] textual activity happening within the locale. A given piece is a body of material that may have no singular fixed form but is alternately or simultaneously presented as internet art, durational live installation or a performance of fixed length.

With a background rooted within writing, Judd Morrissey uses computer code to remix, visualize, and animate his texts on the web while also collecting data from online sources. Mark Jeffery generates movement and constructs images activating the body and installed objects in response to source material such as a memory, a site, or a sampled text or image. In the collision of these individual practices, physical and virtual sites and audiences are of equal importance.

Our work attempts to engage the flux of contemporary, networked culture and to contain a complex diversity of material within rigorously defined forms and structures. We are interested in a variety of contexts, instances, and interruptions for the work to evolve and be staged as it moves towards something like completion across multiple platforms.


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