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Fault Tactical Network (2009)

Fault Tactical Network is a temporary convergence of artists across media responding to the theme of mis-performance through a creative exploration of the error potential in reading, writing, performing and digital arts practice.

The term error has important implications in any number of areas including literary practices, speech and communication, biology and evolution, computation, and cybernetics. An error may be an outright mistake, but may also represent a mutation or accident that triggers learning, evolutionary growth, or a significant shift in cognition. Fault Tactical Network explores erroneous performativity through a live installation that merges the living body, textual archives, machine- enhanced / machine-degraded writing, and virtual bodies. The event is an investigation into how accidents can be expressed across mediums and in avatar vs human form.

The name Fault Tactical Network is derived from the concept of “Fault Tolerance”, used to describe computer networks that fundamentally accept the inevitability of errors. This name can equally be applied to the project’s artists. In contrast to the computational view of fault tolerance in which the message must survive the hidden damage in a system, the “faults”, accidents and ruptures are here foregrounded and exploited.



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