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Lasting #2: A Shoeflower (2007)

A two-week performance and installation project exploring themes of lastness and sustainability through visual, textual, and performance-based transformations of a vehicle. The project was created for Art 44/46, a public art festival in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood, and was made possible through a partnership with I-GO Car Sharing. The work consisted of a daytime state, a night-time state, and daily performances at sunrise and sunset.

Daytime State:
The vehicle, a hybrid car, is in normal use as part of the I-GO Car Sharing program. A text, "Lasting Directive #1", has been mapped to the body of the car in the shape of Lakeview's 44th ward. When not in use by I-GO members, the car is stationed at the Whole Foods at 3300 N Ashland.

Sunset Performance:
The vehicle is taken off the road. Apprentice figures perform various constructive alterations to the vehicle involving a custom car cover in the image of a shoe, a green roof garden trellis, and texts written by the I-GO Car Sharing community in response to the question, How do you last? The resulting sculptural object remains in place for the night.

Sunrise Performance:
The vehicle is returned to the road. Apprentice figures perform the sunset performance in reverse. The car is once again in use by the I-GO Car Sharing community.

Conceived and directed by Judd Morrissey & Mark Jeffery. Text by Lin Hixson.
Car cover by Claire Ashley
Garden roof trellis by Jeff Carter
Plant arrangements by Lori Talley
Performers: David Cook, Sarah Elliott, Sean O'Connell, Caleb Rexford, Jenna Rieker



The Living Newspaper
Lasting # 2: A Shoeflower Postcard
The Living Newspaper
Lasting # 2: A Shoeflower Postcard
Lasting # 2: A Shoeflower- roll over images to view ephemera

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