MARK JEFFERY                                                                             COLLABORATION


In a Cloak of Shame He Will Carry Six Bodies Inside of Me (2004)

"Collaborating with filmmaker Lucy Cash (UK), Writer and digital artist Judd Morrissey (USA) and sound artists Nathan Butler and Lori Talley (USA), this highly visual work will surround and locate itself within projections of interlaced digital text and image, where sterilized sound will bleed into itself under the train tracks above.
Over a period of 8 months, Mark has attempted to capture forces of movement and materiality from inside his body; of butchered wolves, stitching up their insides after shameful consumption of heavy stones; of mange foxes chasing wounded disorientated angels; of shattered bodies filled with dried milk falling into rain (to cleave and split open).

On each day of the festival, the work will manifest itself in 4 different phases (Installation, live close-up, performance, fading) over a 10-hour work period."

-excerpt from National Review of Live Art, The Arches, Glasgow, UK


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