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Live Presence, Technology, Virtual Spaces

What happens when the space of the virtual intercepts the physical realm, when the physical enters into virtual space? How is presence manifested in a cellular telephone call or in the data transmission of a networked device to a body 4000 miles away? Through an examination of contemporary and historical performance practices and theories, this specialized course makes inquiries within virtual and physical spaces. Beginning with the historical forms of duration, endurance, repetition, movement, object-based work, and live installation, we ask ourselves what happens when the idea of space and the audience recede into the domains of the non-physical, when live presence confronts the mediation and temporal constraints of digital technology. Students consider any number of network tools and spaces (skype, facebook, blogs, listservs, game and virtual reality environments) as readymade contexts for performance. Through the use of basic programming in conjunction with cameras and/or electronics, we experiment with the body as an instrument able to manipulate digital materials in real-time.



Abandoned Practices

The Performing Body

Live Presence, Technology, Virtual Spaces

Performing the Document

Performing Labor

Materiality, The Body and Motion

Contemporary Practices: Core Studio

Intro to Performance

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