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The Performing Body

This studio course focuses on the theories and practices of performing and performer training. Students explore ideas of the body and it's training including task-based performance, acting, improvisation, and memorisation, biomechanics, eastern influences, logo centrism and difference. Students present and produce performances based on these discourses of performing. We will identify different process where duration, action, choreographed exposures of time and space will be considered. We will appropriate and encode other artistic (photography, sculpture, film) and non-artistic (labour, historical scenes and geographical landscapes and site) forms. We will look at artists such as Sophie Calle FR, Fiona Wright UK, LoneTwin UK, Gob Squad UK/GR, David Hilliard USA, Rona Lee UK, Francesca Woodman, Eadweard Muybridge, Michael Borremans BE and the theories and writing of Paul Virillio FR, Peggy Phelan USA, Raymond Williams UK, Andrei Lepecki and Amelia Jones, Jacque Derrida FR, Rainer Maria Rilke CZ and Michel Foucault amongst others. We will consider the idea of investigating the body as a site and potentially negotiate with the ideas of the anxious body, the uncertain body, the tender body, the remembered body, and the future body.



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The Performing Body

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