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Performing Labor

How do we perform, investigate and embody acts of Labour in the 21st Century? How do you work? What is your work? What are our connections and relationships to economic, cultural and everyday experiences with work? How are modes of labour processed and presented in historical and contemporary performance / live art? This studio class actively engages students in researching, reading, generating body based material and discussion around work, working and workers. Field trips to work environments and to meet workers include an advertising agency, the Stock Exchange, a factory, a farm, a slaughterhouse and a sex worker . These workspaces will act as catalysts for work. Modes of presentation may include durational and site based performance, installation, video, blogs, written texts etc. Art works include Jeremy Dellers 'Battle of Orgreave,' Arthur Moles 'living photographs' of WW1, photographs and film from the New Deal, subRosa, Ann Hamilton, La Ribot, Marie Cool and Fabio Balducci, and Black Market International.



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Performing Labor

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