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Performing the Document

Reenactment is distinctive in that it invites transformation through memory, theory, and history to generate unique and resonating results.

-Once More ... With Feeling: Reenactment in Contemporary Art and Culture.
Robert Blackson

How do you perform a letter of exchange or a performance caught on tape 20 years ago? This class will work between the studio and Special Collections housed at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Students will work at the Video Data Bank, The Randolph Street Gallery Archives and the Roger Brown Study Collection. Working on location at these collections, students will re-perform, re-imagine, re-enact, investigate and discover possible / impossible ways to look at an archive. The class will make performances, keep a personal oral and/or object based archive and submit a piece of writing that will be inserted as a document to one of the special collections. We will look at the performance videos of Ron Athey, Lawrence Steger, Tania Brugera, Julie Laffin, the work of Emery Blagdon, the theory of Rebecca Schneider, Sven Luttick, Robert Blackson and Paul Clarke and the photographs of Irving Penn and Vivian Maier.




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Performing the Document

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