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Materiality, the Body and Motion

This course gives students an approach to fiber materials and the physical body in the context of interdisciplinary contemporary performance forms, live arts, and new media. Conceptual, process/technique-based and theoretical workshops provide diverse orientations towards the construction and layering of the material object (both physical and virtual) and its relationship to movement and site. Individual and collaborative practices are considered within the forms of installation and performance. Performative spaces are examined as sites for work. Ideas about absence/presence, transformation of the ordinary of both materiality and motion are considered throughout. Individual and group critiques, lectures about historical and contemporary forms and issues, and class discussions will be an integral part of the class. We will look at artists such as Ann Hamilton, Rona Lee, Cornelia Parker, Jonathon Berofsky, Rebecca Horn, Germano Cerlant and Anne Wilson among others...



Abandoned Practices

The Performing Body

Live Presence, Technology, Virtual Spaces

Performing the Document

Performing Labor

Materiality, The Body and Motion

Contemporary Practices: Core Studio

Intro to Performance

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